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About Me

Over the years, the love and passion for my little toy breeds has lead me to take part in breed clubs, AKC shows, social & community events. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with and learn from wonderful mentors, groomers, handlers and trainers.

I have owned, bred and shown my Chinese Cresteds, Maltese and Toy Poodles and continue daily to learn and understand the personality, traits and standards for my breeds.  I  am commitment to imporving the quality, health & temperment for the breeds.  

My dogs are my life and I continue to have fun with them at home, in the community & in the show ring. 

If you are looking for a Chinese Crested, Maltese or Toy Poodle to share your life with, you can contact me for available pups/adults

I look forward to talking with you 

Danita at Dmarie's